November 02, 2010

Does a snowy Halloween give you grey hair?

because on Halloween, it was extreme enough trick or treating around these parts to raise my temperament a bit!

trick or treat

Quite snowy, huh?  Although even with the flakes flying and chilly temperatures we still had a blast of a time I especially liked using the excuse of needing to eat lots of candy as a way to stay warm.
What with all that snow and cold it was not a very photographic night (my fingers preferring to hold candy instead of my camera didn’t help the situation).  I captured a few shots before the snow really started to fall 
halloween buddies

and I had to get a picture of the cutest gnome ever who came trick or treating with us.

Little gnome

All in all it was a great kick off to Bear's Trick or Treating experience.

knock knock copy

In response to my original question though;  I know the answer to that is no since I found this on my head


a few days before Halloween.  I was working at the bookstore and stepped in to the notorious lighting of the unforgiving bathroom.  I tilted my head this way, then that as I washed my hands because I was certain I saw something- my first evident grey hair.  I’ve sometimes wondered if I had grey hair yet or not since I henna my hair and rarely get to observe it’s natural color (or lack there of!).  I guess I can confirm it now for sure since this teeny tiny barely 1/2 inch piece of hair made it through!

How do I feel about it?  Well I just finished reading “Jitterbug Perfume” by Tom Robbins which didn’t entirely HELP the situation (if you’ve read that book, you’re so laughing right now), but overall I remain calm and inquisitive.  I even left the hair in for almost a week before I decided I should pluck and document it for posterity’s sake.  

My Nana had the most stunningly gorgeous head of  white locks and I would love it if perhaps I’ve inherited that.   I’m sticking with red for the time being, but I feel a hair overhaul coming on in my (probably somewhat distant) future.

You know what else makes a person feel their age?  birthdays!  We celebrated Trot’s birthday yesterday. 

Trot's big day 

Happy Birthday Trot!  And a very special happy Birth Day to baby G and her Mama  A!!!!!!  I can’t wait to meet you little G!!!


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