November 24, 2010

Long story short

The day started out normal enough:
I was on a mission to mix up my house cleaning supplies potions.


I make my own cleaning products; partly because I care about the environment, but mainly because I adore the many different ways I can scent them to my taste.  It was a nice day so I had all my bottles strewn about the yard (see the cross sample of them up there?) and I set about to my work.

Suddenly this face passed by...


and as he actually willingly paused to get his photo taken (which is so rare!) I began to wonder what he was up to.
Well,  first he thought it would be funny to put something NON BLOG WORTHY on my work table.  Ha, Ha Champ you are so funny.


As you can see, I solved that problem pretty easily.

What I wasn’t expecting, was the sudden crunch of tires down our dirt road as friend after friend began to pull in.  It seemed, Champ was throwing me a surprise birthday party!

So, long story short.  It recently was my birthday and I’ve been celebrating with family, friends and lots of yummy cake.  I know a few other Scorpios who I helped (or will help) celebrate their big day with and our favorite friends from Chicago stopped in for an overnight- YAY!!  

Who can complain about that kind of busy schedule?  I loved every minute!

Here’s hoping that your holiday isn’t quite as busy, but still full of the love, laughter, warmth, family and friendship that I’ve been feeling this whole birthday season long.




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