November 09, 2010

So happy together

Let me start with props to 2 delightful discoveries:
The First

The lovely combination of timer and crock pot.  Today is busy: an event at the bookstore to celebrate Jeff Kinney's newest "Wimpy Kid" book being released, dropping off the car to get, among other things, snow tires STUDDED SNOW TIRES put on (which is a good thing what with our recent rash of sleet and snow around here!), Champ's at a conference, blah, blah, blah...

of course you don't need to hear about my packed agenda- I'm sure yours is quite similar, but don't you love being able to still enjoy a warm, yummy meal whenever the clock allows you to arrive home?  I DO, especially as the thought of a stress free, yet home cooked dinner keeps me that less grouchy throughout my day!

The Second

take a look over there at my Followers list.  Then stare in stunned amazement along with me as I point out that in the past few days I have gained a new followerDear, sweet "Suebee" you must be simply wonderful.  I mean, I've recently turned off comments, only blog about 2 times a week, have random things to say when I do and yet in the midst of all this, you decided to join us here at "Any Given Moment"!!  Welcome "Suebee" and thank you.  You are one cool cat (a cat I'd love to follow back, but couldn't find a link :(  contact me so I can give you some official blog love- you know, besides this P.D.A!)

Bear's not been quite his usual self these past few days and last night we finally discovered why.  He was wrapped in a towel about to get in his pj's when he threw back his head to laugh at something.  There in his mouth was the last of his molars, pushing with all it's might through his pink, swollen gum.

the poor guy!  But as soon as I thought those words, my next reaction was to nearly cry out because I realized that this was it.  The final tooth to come through a pristine gum.  No longer a baby; from here on out, Bear will lose and replace teeth, but never again have one burst on to the scene as this final molar was doing.

I wanted to take a picture, but then thought better of it.  Instead I just snuggled him a little closer, peered into his mouth one last time and framed that moment in my memory.

and to be honest?  The Mama realization that my baby is truly, truly starting to grow up is what will need to be most comforted tonight by my timer crock pot comfort food.

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