December 31, 2010

In A New Year's Minute...

Tell me how a
14 year old
never kenneled
hasn't seen another dog in months
senile, hard of hearing
pitbull gets Kennel Cough?! 

yes, we were a bit surprised too, but no worries, Dr. Bear was at the ready with his stethoscope and box of band-aids.

Kennel Cough is basically a respiratory virus in dogs, highly contagious in a boarding, grooming, obedience school type setting...

Sterling's current setting is none of the above which made this whole ordeal so intriguing!  None the less, our most favorite vets took quick care of her and she is already on the road to recovery (and honking less).

I personally think Miss Sterling was a bit jealous of Trot's recent posts and attention and decided it was about time she got her own 15 minutes of fame here.

Nothing like leaving 2010 behind with a little gusto, right?

We have less than an hour to go until 2011 and I'm really ancy for it to get here.  Sterling's been given her limelight, Trot has healed up nicely and the rest of us are doing just fine:

I should be golden for the next 12 months.

                                     (Bear's most recent art work)
Happy New Year All!  Wishing you a golden 2011 as well.

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