January 14, 2011

Is "All Wrapped Up In Love" too cliche a title?!

This guy right here

has me wrapped around his little finger. And it's not even because of how handsome he is with his button down flannels and itty bitty dimple in his chin, or how he now sings "Baby Beluga" TO ME  in a hushed whisper when he thinks I need comforting.  It's not even because his culinary skills recently promoted him to an official prep chef in my kitchen.


It's actually because of this

  and this

and all the other heart fluttering moments I experienced on a recent morning when my dear, dear boy on his own angelic free will (I mean I seriously heard angels sing)

asked me to help him get a sling on so that he could carry his stuffed pup, Clifford, close to him. 

I marked the day in his baby book.  Right next to his tooth chart and his first smile picture.  This day was that important.

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