January 27, 2011

You Capture: Happy

I'm happy being able to finally, CONSISTENTLY participate in "You Capture" again- even if some weeks (like this one) my, um, photography attempts are a little weak.

I'm happy to take this weekend to tidy up this here blog and go explore the blogs of my new friends over there on the sidebar.  *Hello New Followers!!!*

And I'm happy that trying to eat a Whoopie Pie (specially delivered from Maine by some super generous friends!) the size of his head...

brought Bear the kind of happiness that one can usually only dream about.

Because honestly...

Who isn't happy when eating a whoopie pie?  And who doesn't make someone else happy when SHARING a gigantic whoopie pie (which Bear eventually did.  good boy.).

Heck, who doesn't giggle when saying "whoopie pie"?


Wow.  OK,  It's best you go now.  Head over to I Should Be Folding Laundry as clearly I'm getting a little out of control here.

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