February 14, 2011

And how do you feel about today?

Just this morning I was saying to Champ, you know, I like Valentine's Day now way better than I did when we were dating.

I mean, not that I didn't love the candy part of it, but I was never a roses kind of girl nor expensive jewelry.  Loud, sparkly jewelry yes, but pieces I need to be responsible about?  Nuh uh! 

I also would always get into a sort of panic attack right before February 14th because what the heck does one get the boyfriend?!  Girls, at least on this holiday, seem so much easier.

And then there was the whole contingency of friends I knew who were going through breakups or swearing off their boyfriend/girlfriend smack in the middle of this holiday of, um, LOVE.  I'd feel a bit uncomfortable even mentioning "Champ" and "Valentine's Day" and dare I say it "Love" whenever I was in their company.

So back to 2011, I suddenly really really like Valentine's Day. 

Bear and I have spent the week painting and cutting and stamping hearts all over the place in shades of pinks, purples and reds.

There are still presents, only smaller and mainly for Bear.  This year we got him a few locally made candies and two books I felt he NEEDED just NEEDED to have added to the bookcase:

 Ollie's Ski Trip by Elsa Beskow because I just love love her work and this is a great introduction to the author for Bear.  The story is about a little boy who gets his first pair of skis and they lead him on a magical adventure where he meets Jack Frost and King Winter among others.  Imagination and sports?  Why that's right up Bear's alley!

 The other book is "Life Story" by Virginia Burton.  A great story that's set up like a play, it explains Earth Science and the story of the world in a way that little ones like Bear can understand.  I will tell you that this is not an "easy" read per say, but then even the easiest life history texts still need to have a little meat to 'em, right?!

To commemorate Valentine's Day, Champ and I plan to go grocery shopping tonight and perhaps stop by the Dump with our recycling.  And that sweet readers, is perfectly romantic to me.
Finally, with my new outlook on the holiday, I feel no guilt telling my single, or slightly angry at Cupid friends that in all honesty, I DO like to talk about love.  My heart is happy and I want to make other people's hearts feel the same.  I say to them, If you are Ok with that, then go on and tell me why Love bites because I can be sympathetic even while I am loving.  

That usually solves any awkwardness and sometimes they even go so far as to share their Valentine's Day chocolates with me.  Sometimes.

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