February 02, 2011

Composting during Candlemas

Maybe it's not considered cool to compost- 

in the winter.


In New England
In snow arriving in bulk New England.

But it's what we do here on our 2 acre patch of homespun land (I never was one to care about what the cool crowd thinks anyway).

Despite the whole nutrients in the soil, organisms breaking down matter, warmth needed for the process thing, the compost pile still thrives in winter.  It's just that it's "breakdown" is mainly caused by crows, deer, weasel looking things and the occasional domestic dog.  Ah yes. 

It's a nice balance really: between the feeders with seeds and grain on the far side of the house and the fruit and vegetable remains on the opposite side of our abode, we ensure that Mother Nature's animals are filling their food pyramid quotas.

Good thing because heaven knows in this kind of weather, they're gonna need to keep their energy levels up!  

PS:  Happy Groundhog's Day AND Candlemas (the whole weather predicting thing is what unites the two celebrations).  Share in the festivities by visiting Phil, lighting candles all around and eating crepes and hot cocoa!  Also, is it obvious I didn't snap these pictures today?  Thought so.

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