February 15, 2011

Loving on Neat Image

Love Love Love to all of you out there!  I'm still in a bit of the Valentine's Day mood, so today I'm sharing two of my recent loves.

 I adore decorating with coffee filter cut out things.  They are so quick to make and they turn out quite cute AND stylish. 

Look at my little cupid hard at work painting coffee filter hearts for a garland we were making.

My other love is especially of interest to my camera laden friends.

You all know I take my pictures with a little, quite amazing point and shoot camera (details at the bottom of this blog).  I am saving up for my dream DSLR camera and in the meantime, I try to make myself as smart as I can about all things point and shoot.

A while back, I began using the free software, NoiseWare Community, to take the noise, or blurry, grainy stuff, out of my photos.  It's a great program!  It was super easy to navigate and I used it often.

The only thing was, that as my photography taking began to increase, I found that Noiseware wasn't quite meeting my needs anymore.  I could only process one photo at a time which was an issue when I was pressed for time to begin with and since I ran just about every picture I took through the program.

What's a Canon Powershot gal to do?!

After a little research I discovered

Neat Image! It was just the upgrade I needed!  For $29.90 I downloaded the program and got right to work.  This program also runs filters for noise reduction (as well as sharpness) and it's super easy to use, as well.

The best part?  I can queue up to 50 pictures at a time to be filtered and then go off to do other things while the job is being processed.  AWESOME!   

If you're curious, go check the site out.  There are a few different programs available and you might fine one that perfectly suits your needs. 

So in summary: for coffee filter kid hearts and noise reduction programs I've got nothin' but love!


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