February 16, 2011

You Capture: Warmth

Judging from the rhythmic dripping of melting icicles outside my window, indeed, there may be a warm up going on!

Another clue winter is possibly breaking? 

I actually saw the furry outlines of the cows on the way to work.  Not the moving snow sculptures I typically mistake them for.

The cows who, with the warm up, don't need to constantly huddle together for heat, nor travel in a mammalian snow plow pack to get anywhere in their pasture. 

Poor dears. 

Mmmm, warmth is synonymous to "hot bath" for me.  Usually involving a form of lavender something or other (and of course a book, but don't we all haul a good read into the tub with us if we plan on staying for a while?).

Everyone has their favorite winter outerwear for warmth.  Well, mine happens to be an awesome, orange patterned down vest.  It never fails to keep me cozy.


You know the drill... head on over to "I Should Be Folding Laundry" if you aren't ready to face the cold yet.

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