March 25, 2011

motorists may think...

that Champ and I are overprotective parents

but they are totally wrong.  Clearly this boy is a "jet fighter guy".

The variety who like to wear their air mask (or H1N1, paint fumes, influenza... preventor mask) and helmet just about wherever they go.  It's great- if I want some entertainment for the day, I just drive my jet fighter guy to the nearest intersection and check out the expressive faces of fellow drivers.

This might all stem from an event a few weeks back.  We were having the rare occurance of watching T.V.  Rarer still, "Top Gun" was on and in the middle of one of it's famous flight scenes.  Champ and I took the opportunity to introduce Bear to a classic motion picture. We turned it off a few minutes later when the scene went south (love you, Goose), but for those stunning moments (and now for days after) Bear has been enchanted. 

I have "The Princess Bride" and "Tombstone" slated for the weekend.  I mean, a kid should know top notch cinema.

enjoy your weekend everybody!!


Jane's In The Jungle said...

Absolutely hysterical...and Tombstone, one of my all time faves!!! Don't ya just love freaking other motorists!!!

Emmy said...

Lol! We have tinted windows so even if my kids were dressed up no one would know :).

Colleen said...

You are obviously an excellent mother! Every kid should know a few Top Gun/ Princess Bride/ Tombstone references. When the weather is warm enough for the windows to be rolled down, Bear needs to be taught to yell "I feel the need.... the need for speed!" as loudly as possible. :D

Now... you better run out and find a cowboy hat and bandana for his Tombstone phase. :)

Leslie said...

"as you wish!!!!"

he is the cutest little guy ever. mitch still wants to go places dressed in silly costumes or some goofy hat or another. i just act like everything is normal, it is everyone else that gets the chuckle

Jennifer Campbell said...

So happy that I can comment again!!! How are you? Thanks for all the lovely comments!!! Um... totally not going on tv anytime soon! Can't wait to catch up!

Kate said...

Usually people in face masks cause me worry. Bear? Absolute (cutest) exception to the rule.

Oh, "Top Gun." And oh, Tom Cruise when you weren't as visibly nutty.

The Keierleber Characters said...

I'm glad we can comment again! :) I like your contract. ;)

This post is so funny!! Just love little Bear!

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