March 22, 2011

Net For Catching Days

Guess What?  I'm finally back in action!  Phew. 

AND not only do I have all my programs back (including Neat Image. Yay.), but thanks to the computer fairies, I also have Photoshop 7!  Not like I know quite what to do with it yet, but I'm still super pumped.  Without revealing too much about my fairy connection; as a favor to them, I suggest you go out and buy any product made by Canon.  For sure.

We recently had the chance to congratulate my brother-in-law in person on his new house purchase AND his engagement.  It was a bit grounding for me to hear the boy I adore tell me about wedding plans and house renovations.  The same boy who was so young (9 if I'm not mistaken) when Champ and I were married?!  Say what?

Congratulations, D!!!!! We are thrilled for you!

What else?  Oh, tonight I will unceremoniously turn back on comments.  Thanks for being patient with me, folks.  I have a bit more glamourous post regarding it coming up in the next few days.

Actually, I have all kinds of things I want to post now that I'm back and a few more announcements too, but it's late and bed is calling and I have all the time in the world to get posts up now that my computer is back (double Yay).

For now, I will simply leave you with a little bit more fairy magic... 

It's been a dreamy patch of time with St Patrick's Day and the Spring Solstice.  I like to drag these kind of things out, so here's a short and sweet activity we did today:

After having filled the previous days reading about magic, rainbows, leprechauns, fairies and Spring, today we discovered the wee people had left us a secret package with directions for making their favorite kind of treat.  Nope it wasn't quite Ambrosia, but close.

We opened the package to discover a sweet, white powdery substance (come on now, where are your thoughts?!  It was pistachio pudding mix, gang) and we added it to 2 cups of milk, put it in a Mason jar and gave it a shake.

It turned green right before our very eyes!  We followed the directions and stored it in the fridge until some time had passed and we could enjoy the delicious treat.

Now granted, this kind of activity doesn't model Montessori philosophy, but during special weeks like this, I tend to drop reality for a good heaping dose of imagination.

If you've never tried this technique, you should - it's as refreshing as Pistachio pudding on a snowy Spring day.

can't wait to chat again soon,


Mrs. Bird said...

Glad to see you back! I have PS7....not like I know how to use it ;)

Colleen said...

Well, I'm glad you have comments back up. Yay! And also that you have your computer up and running. Yay again!
After a year of staring at photoshop with zero comprehension of how to work it, I've finally begun to scratch the surface and might be able to do a thing or two with it. Finally!! So like you said, we can learn together.

Love the pistachio pudding idea, especially because it magically turns green. Very cool.

blueviolet said...

What a fun treat for the kids to have that mystery pistachio pudding mix!

Bless you for finally turning on your comments. You know that was making me crazy!

Emmy said...

Yeah fir being able to comment again. And I like Canon :). My camera-I.e. My love and joy-is a canon

Emily said...

I'm glad you turned your comments back on! The pudding is making me crave a late-night snack - it looks delicious! And I'm looking forward to seeing the awesomeness that is photoshop, but your pictures are fantastic regardless!

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