March 24, 2011

toilets in the bedroom

This morning as Bear and I were getting ready for the day, I pondered 2 sudden thoughts:

Do other mothers happily find a Bjorn toilet full of urine in their child's bedroom each morning?  Whether or not they do, would this be a wise thing to share with my blog readers?

I wouldn't call myself wise, but I am spontaneous.  You've been warned.

Back when I was toilet trained, there were no blogs.  There weren't even digital cameras.  Perhaps somewhere my parents wrote down a few tips and tricks on how training me went, but I've never seen them and honestly, most people wouldn't care to record THAT.  I know all about my first curl, bath, even kindergarten bus ride, but first independent pee?  No idea.  Times have changed, the world can keep a record of EVERYTHING and "Mommy Bloggers" are especially good at writing out the tiniest details of their child's life for all the world to see. 

As I mentioned, I'm not wise and I don't truly consider myself a Mommy blogger, but Bear, honey?  don't you worry, I recorded all your bathroom memories right here in the Written History of Bear's Toilet Training and you (your friends, your coach, your possible
in-laws...) will be able to access this for many, many years to come.  Your Welcome.

Let me just add this final, quirky installment and we will be all set.

So, when last we left off, Bear was well on his way to being toilet trained.  At this point, I would officially say my 2.5 year old is officially "trained"; we just have a few interesting details to go along with this announcement.

-He wears underwear through the night and on longish trips of 2-3 hours.
-If we travel longer than that and it's during evening hours, he's in a diaper, but he typically keeps it dry and tells us when he needs to use a bathroom.
- he uses the household toilet 90% of the time, but has his own in his bedroom.  He uses this when he needs to toilet during his sleep.  And this is where my joy in finding urine each morning comes in to play.

I have yet to find this exact toileting suggestion in any of my books, but that's not going to stop us.  We are going with what works and what gives us parents a good laugh Bear the most independence.

You know that saying, "Well, you've never seen a high schooler still nursing, have you?"  I'd like to introduce a similar saying:

"Well, you've never seen a college student in need of his own Bjorn, have you?"  I think it's kind of catchy.



blueviolet said...

It's not altogether a bad idea to send that off to college.

Jess said...

Ah, yes... we too have done the potty chair in the bedroom trick. Except I see you have wood floors. Our kids' room has carpeting. I always prayed their aim would be good. ;)

Amy said...

When and if ( I know it will happen, it just seems like forever) they ever potty train, I will have no problem having a potty in their room. I think it's awesome that you have all tis recorded!

Winn (aka Koreen) said...

You lucky lucky woman! He's obviously ready. Mine isn't. He's five. Seriously, he's been toilet trained since he was 3 (he was resistant, so did it late), but wears underjams at night because... well, you know. I have no clue what to do. :S

Leslie said...

What a very god little man! Hooray for potty training success

Emmy said...

Lol! Loved this post. And hey that is beyond awesome that he is taking care of it on his own at night. And yes he will kill you for this someday :)

Colleen said...

You might want to reconsider that college quote. I'm thinking that there are some college students that might wish they had a little bjorn potty in their room. ;)

Brooke said...

honestly - WHATEVER WORKS! - That is seriously a great idea... why didn't I think of that?!?! My 3 1/2 year old has some serious potty fears and won't go near it - grrrr! Maybe we should try a Bjorn?

Chana said...

I agree with Brooke! It is a magical and wonderful thing that he is even GOING without a diaper! Be proud of yourself! This is huge! So cool! (ps-did you see my vlog? i'm pregnant! 19 weeks! Find out the sex tomorrow!)

Ostriches Look Funny said...

I hate potty training more than any other thing in the entire world AMEN. So whatever works for you is what you should do. Anything to ease the pain.

Sending you mental know, mentally.

Julie said...

Whatever works! Love the new saying. :)

Jane's In The Jungle said...

I love this! Between my 4, I can tell you for sure whatever works...go for it! The last one was almost 4 when I broke down, got a musical potty...and it did the trick, sigh, and she has always been dry at night and any long trip we take, 1 brother was like that and the other 2 were in nighttimes. Now of course with the girl....I have seen every bathroom in Tn, Ga and NC that she somes across....and of course she tells the other patrons how nice it was as she's exiting.....sigh again.

Alex Wilde - El Experimento said...

Frequently,girls are the first ones to learn how to potty train..boys lag behind due to physiological factors. Teach the boys to potty train starting from his 2nd year. My boy learned how to potty train when he reached his 2nd year. No more diapers at night. If your child won't give in to the potty, let him be. Don't push him/her otherwise you'll make matters worst!

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