April 04, 2011

Monday Moments (on a Tuesday)

Oooh-eee there's a lot of activity and updates going on this week!

                         (from the "way back when" photo archive)

Baseball season has opened, making me giddy and optimistic towards just about anything, ESPECIALLY since my team has declared "We won't rest until you run out of K-cards"Don't know how to score baseball cards?  Well, translated, the Red Sox's 2011 slogan means the pitching staff is coming to get ya!  Good luck to all of  baseball's fans out there!

My 3rd season of coaching "Girls on the Run", and now my 1st year of coaching "Girls on Track" (same concept, but for girls in 6th-8th grades), begins this week.

Ooh, Ooh and It's Champ's birthday week!!!

So lots of things to look forward to and I haven't even finished all the updates.  Guess that just means I'll have to come back later this week with more announcements.  What do you have going on this week?


Leslie said...

sounds like one super fun week

Amy said...

Great picture. I just posted red sox pictures from 2 years on my family blog http://thiscrazylife-amy.blogspot.com. We'll be doing new ones this weekend.

Jenn @whitetrashmama.blogspot.com said...

I love your hair!!!!

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