April 26, 2011

Scenes from an Easter

For us, Easter was everything it's cracked up to be (ha, ha) and I hope yours was just the same!  I am admittedly tired today and NOT looking forward to my dentist visit later this afternoon.  To brighten my outlook (and hopefully yours) here's a few classic pictures from the weekend.

                                              (Bear meets his newest "cousins")

                        (I promise you- there HAD BEEN items in his basket)

                                        (egg huntin' with pregnant friend #1, K!) 

                                (comparing bellies with pregnant friend #2, A!)

                  (surprising Great Grammy at her 80th birthday party)

                                                 (no chocolate left unturned)

                                                       (nor adventure passed up on)

An action packed, wonderfully family heavy, uplifting Easter for sure.  And for your information,  that is only a cross-section of all my currently pregnant friends: congratulations to all of you out there!!!


Aunt Amelia's Attic said...

Dentist visit! Ugh! Hope it all went well and you are home and it is behind you. :-)

Leslie said...

hope the dentist went ok....not my favorite thing to do. i love the picture on the four wheeler that is so funny...and really is there any cuter belly out there than yours....so fun to have friends pregnant at the same time.

Colleen said...

That chocolate smile is too cute!
How nice to have so many pregnant friends. That makes a huge difference. We had a wonderful Easter as well.

Happy Birthday to your Granny!

blueviolet said...

I love all the Easter smiles and baby bellies!

Alita said...

Happy Belated Easter my dear! I loved ALL the pictures. Chocolate was snarfed down quickly here, too.

Oh and those baby bellies were quite fetching. You glow in both shots! Pregnancy does indeed look good on ya sistah. :)

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