April 28, 2011

Swim lessons

Yesterday started out just fine; our lake looked inviting and there was a warmth to the air.  We skipped on down to the water's edge to imagine, explore and while away the afternoon.

Once Trot decided to take a swim, it took only a few seconds more before we were all wading around in the water.  The search was on to find the season's first crayfish, first tadpole.

Some of us waded in a bit deeper than others.  The optical illusion of water depth too difficult for a toddler to identify and too enticing a lesson for a Mama to deflect.

Some may think it cruel, but oh how Bear learned his lesson and I mean that in the proudest of ways.  I shall report back if I notice a difference in his lake entry next time.  As for a seemingly uncomfortable little boy?  All was forgotten once the wet clothes were peeled off 

and play continued.

This week had promised to be packed with obligations.  It has not disappointed, but that's o.k.- my weeks ebb and flow.  I used to think that children would just add chaos to any pressure-filled situation.  That's sometimes true, but more often than not Bear helps to calm and relax me when I need it most.

Maybe it was his swampy smelling skin or his delighted giggles as he ran down the trail; whatever it was that slowed my pace for those few moments, it was most certainly Bear induced.

I can't give you a whiff of our very organic smelling lake, but I offer up these pictures to give you a reprieve in your day if you need it.  I'm lucky it was offered to me. 


Leslie said...

oh what a fun memory....we love a good wade in the edge of a lake.

Alita said...

I think I can actually smell your lake from here. Oh the mossy smell is quite pungent, but lovely in another way completely. I love lakes/natural water. I prefer it to oceans any day. Now as for the natural moment of childhood (and good for you for letting him learn from experience... he he) the peaceful ebb & flow rushes through me many times through the day. I get that. I really get that.

Thanks for sharing your cozy little nature scene TJ! :)

Jessa said...

Hahaha! I would so let my kids learn that lesson too. Though knowing my klutzy ones they'd probably fall and think they were drowning.

Aunt Amelia's Attic said...

Pretty cute. A good lesson learned. The best way. By doing. Long as Mommy was there to make sure nothing went 'awry.' :-)

Barefoot trailing... Do you have to check for ticks, when you come home from such a jaunt? Just wondering. I am terrified of ticks. Bheahhhhhhhhhhhh...


Winn (aka Koreen) said...

I can just imagine how it smells. :)

Yes, don't forget to check for ticks. I'll never forget the one I had to twist and pull out of Evan's belly button with pliers. He had 12 on him that day! :P

Emmy said...

LOVE that last picture! And yes, kids really do help us slow down and remember what matters most.

Caroline (Frogmum) said...

Hi TJ ~ just popping by to say just that! Great post ~ Bear is such a cutie! Congratulations (don't think I've said that already) on expecting #2 ~ I picked that up from a previous bump-comparison post! :-) So exciting! It looks like you are experiencing better weather than us atm ~ it's COLD here (I have the heater on in my study) and there is NO WAY a toddler would be paddling in his birthday suite!

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