May 18, 2011

Hunger pains

Happy day to you all- I am excited to announce that my very first guest post has gone up!

       (me, not sure how many people will actually enjoy the thing)

I wrote about the pangs of pregnancy hunger over at Teddy's perfectly inspired blog, "I Heart Maternity".  She's doing a series on pregnancy entitled "The Good, The Bad and The Ugly".  Which one did I focus on?  Well, zip on over there and see if you can figure it out (hint, it certainly wasn't "good").

As for any hearty soul who made your way back here- WELCOME!  I am honored and humbled that you chose to stop by; take your time, look around and make yourself comfortable.

I most certainly do heart maternity, but I heart new friends and followers too, so if you chose to stay for the long run, let me know so that I can link back to you.

perpetually hungry yours, 


Jess said...

Congrats TJ, that's awesome! You're a clever writer and always find a way to put a fun spin on things. :)

Aunt Amelia's Attic said...

-chuckle- I knew a gal who used to say; "The baby is hungry" when she grabbed something to eat.

But again, she was a runner before and is one, after baby and is always tiny. Harrrrrumph... Not totally natural.

Actually, I had 4 full pregnancies, years ago. Didn't exercise or do anything, and went down to pre-look, without a thought... I used to buy a new dress to come home from the hospital in! Same always size. How is that for impossible, especially when I did nothing, in particular.

All this ended after 4th and last baby though. -sigh- Kept about 5-7 pounds on, and spooked and began to starve myself because of it. And have been doing roller-coaster-weight ever since. Duhh me. I starved over a few pounds, and set off on 40 years of weight troubles.


Gentle hugs,

Leslie said...

i can not wait to go over and check out what you had to say...i know i was always wanting a snack when i was pregnant

Colleen said...

I always wanted to be one of those ladies who lost weight when they were pregnant, but no such luck. I DID eat BK a lot when I was pregnant with my first. ( I was 20 and stupid.) I do remember feeling full, but I also gained 60lbs!!!! NOT recommended!

Jessa said...

Lettuce with lemon juice on it, strawberries, Chipotle and pickles. Best things ever! And I never stopped eating. LOL

Kate said...

How did I not know this news? I mean, I guessed at it a few posts of yours ago, but still.


Jennifer said...

I'm starving! Tom laughs when he sees me piling things into my lunch box - its been that way since the little dude was teeny in there!

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