May 05, 2011

It's not a stick

So it was recently May Day, right?  Well, I wanted to celebrate in full force, I did, but then as I thought about it,  obstacles came up.  We have no neighbors to speak of, nor flowers currently blooming so the whole dropping off of May baskets thing didn't make much sense.  I also had 2 toddler boys on my hands for May Day and they were not into singing around a May Pole while weaving streamers.

Then, a thought...

Hey?  why not use sticks instead of a pole?  All toddlers love sticks! And there you have it, we made "May Day Sticks".  And yes, the finished product was full of pomp and circumstance and rituals and well, bark.

There wasn't too much to them; just branches, some dyed strips of muslin, scraps of yarn and a few buttons and bells.  I was most excited over the fact that I was able to dye the muslin with FROZEN vegetables!!!  I had a few stray bags of beets and cabbage left over from our CSA season and I knew we weren't about to finish them off anytime soon.  I boiled them up for about 15 minutes, plunked the muslin in each pot and waited.  To my amazement, it worked! 

We read an abbreviated fairy tale about Persephone and the season of Spring and then moved on to "Not a Stick" by Antoinette Portis.

Indeed, our May Sticks were anything BUT just sticks.  On this festive day they were magic wands, mini May Poles, drum major maces and creative pointers.

In fact, I'm using my May Stick to direct you right on over to Jessa's blog, Doxie Noodle.  She's currently running a Voice Library Giveaway- go check it out!


Aunt Amelia's Attic said...

Precious! I love it! A tradition is born! And from family traditions, come lovely memories for both children and parents. :-)

And thank you so much, for not getting all *spooky* about, how many May Day Traditions are Pagan in origin. I'm not any religion but I do love to notice the different Seasons. Love to.

Seems all of we modern people, could do well with a wee bit of paying more attention to Nature. We lost something, when we never have to experience cold in winter, heat in summer [A/C], lack of light at night, etc. Many gains, yes. But...... -sigh-

I'm for noticing the Wheel of the Year, as it turns. :-)

Gentle hugs,

Catherine Anne said...

YOU are the coolest mom ever! LOVE this~ It was great to see your post today. Also so nice to stop in here.

Leslie said...

what a fun project....and the color the beets makes is so lovely!!!!

Emmy said...

I didn't know you could dye muslin like that. I just got a huge 10X20 piece of it-but it is for backdrops :)

Jess said...

TJ, you come up with some fun FUN stuff. And I love that you found a use for some old bags of frozen veggies! :)

Jennifer Campbell said...

I have got to find that book... Not a Stick! Bryce loves Not a Box... too cute! We love Melting Pot and go 2 times a year for a big meal! Happy Mother's day!!!

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