May 26, 2011

Wonderful Whirlwind

Hi all!  Hope you are doing spectacular- I surely am.  There have been oodles of things going on in my life right now, so I've been the smart blogger I promised myself to be, and put updating posts to the back of my mind these past few days.  Are you proud of me?!

Among a root canal, midwife appointments and possible big news for Champ (I hope to tell you more on that soon), we've found time for memory making.

This past weekend, we had many small friends filling our home with gleeful energy.  It was awesome.

When it rained, we window watched the otter and geese and beaver.  Oh, and we had a friendly wager going on the Preakness.

When it was sunny, we stocked the pond with special ordered trout.  The boys were especially delighted with the prospects.

While us girls were too, I was more interested in photographing that gorgeous camera rather than the fish (truth be told).

And in between the periods of water drops and sunshine?  We relaxed...

It's, um, very relaxing here.  We were sad to see our friends go come Monday, but no sooner did they leave than wedding preparations began.  Yup, breakfast was made, the reading practiced (a Dr. Seuss story- how cool is that?!) and cummerbund sewn all in anticipation of not one, but a TWO PART wedding.

We were honored to host the Vermont wedding and we look forward to continuing the celebration in New York.  In the meantime, forgive me for being away this long and pardon me for the neglect that will be happening around these parts until next week.  June's a new month, right?

Wishing you the same happiness and contentedness that is enveloping me during these days of memory making moments.



deb duty said...

Looks like a wonderful time! I absolutely love the photo of all the children looking out the window.

Lady Jennie said...

I love the photos on this one!

Kate said...

T.J.? Your posts relax me.

Colleen said...

Silly blogger ate my comment!! I was saying... that fishing in your freshly stocked pond looks like fun even if I'm not really much of a fisherman! And that berry tart looks delicious!

Emmy said...

Great pictures! And you know this time of year is just crazy.

Wait midwife? Did I miss a post with an annoucment?

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