June 14, 2011

Feeling Attractive

I only have one child with me this week and that baby is still in utero.  Bear is currently vacationing in Pennsylvania; visiting with all our family and friends just as he has done once before. 

I have spent my time thus far planning out what to do and then wasting those moments in a panic, fearing I have lost my child.  I am hoping that by tomorrow my subconscious will remember that Bear is out of state and my conscious mind will finally get going on all the activities I want to accomplish!!

It's not like I didn't do anything productive since he left on Sunday though- oh no, both frames of my mind wouldn't allow for that!!

On Saturday, the "Girls on The Run" and "Girls on Track" teams that I coach had their big 5k race and on Monday we threw a bit of a banquet to celebrate the season (by then we had dried out from all the rain).

I also have done a bit of shopping.  My kind of shopping- revolving around farmer's markets, thrift shops and consignment stores.  Love them.     
 It is fun when I find goodies at my favorite places, but I adore even more when I find things that have been on my mental list; you know, the running list of things you want to find in a store, or wish would go on sale? 

I scored BIG this time around; finding Mini Boden clothes, a perfect golf set for Bear's birthday 

And even some dress ups for playing "Little House on the Prarie".  All these things have been on my list for a while and all these things have suddenly come in to my possession.  Pretty Cool, eh?

I've told you this before , but let me reiterate just how amazed I am by the law of attraction in our world.  Next up I'm going to focus my thoughts on having a goat wander into our yard.  How could Champ say no then?


deb duty said...

Great finds! I hope you enjoy your time to yourself! So far I've just been wasting my time all morning blog hopping!

Emmy said...

Oh thrift store shopping without kids- heaven.

blueviolet said...

I can't believe you found Little House on the Prairie clothes.That's so cool! You sound kinda productive to me!

Alita said...

Did I miss the post you wrote the gender of the child because I see "certain types" of clothes there... hmmmmm gotta catch up!!!!


T.J. said...

no gender post just yet Alita... although I'm hoping by the end of the week!!!!

Lady Jennie said...

Aw - so happy for you to get some peaceful time. Enjoy it!!

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