June 08, 2011

My Innisfree

Lately, as I've been charging off to Girls on the Run practice, flitting around the yard getting it prepped for the growing season ahead and taking a moment to help a customer determine the sex of his newborn pup, I've been thinking about one of my favorite poems, "Innisfree" by W.B. Yeats.

Do you think about poems when you are super busy?  Well, anyway, I do.

It might have something to do with the fact that in my free time snippets of seconds, I'm reading some Henry David Thoreau and Yeats was a big fan of his, but I think it actually has lots more to do with the poem itself as this is the time of year I try to create my own Innisfree around these parts.  You see, "Innisfree" is all about one's own private utopia, and if gardening doesn't help you achieve that, well then, I don't know what does!!!

So, do come dream with me...

 Onions, both red and white.

A well stocked herb garden at my fingertips.

With peas growing up to the Heavens and beets straddling the rich, damp soil.

And, new this year to my Innisfree, there are perfectly placed straw bales that will happily house my tomatoes and peppers.

Do I think it's all gonna grow?  Well, I am a believer, and on top of that, one can always hope.

What does your Innisfree look like?


blueviolet said...

I'm afraid mine looks nothing near as nice as yours does!

Jess said...

Definitely my garden, but also my chicken coop. ;)

deb duty said...

Love the path. Your garden is lovely.

Lady Jennie said...

I have Innisfree here in my own home, yet cannot enjoy it. I'm a worrywart and not a peaceful soul.

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