June 10, 2011

Purple box, purple box what are you?

In my town, we really don't have an official "neighborhood watch".  There's no need to when we all know who is who and can pass along exciting news or suspicious activity through chance meetings at the post office or grocery store.  Believe me, we are the kind of town where little goes unnoticed...

which is why, when these started popping up

I because very curious (along with everyone else in town).  Rapidly, they were everywhere!  Here

and here

So what were these spooky, purple boxes that stood out like graffiti among all our lush green mountains?  Why did they seem to follow me everywhere?  Trips to the dentist or babysitter, an hour long jaunt to Bennington, even an out of state visit to Utica, New York could not deter them from sending indigo signals to me from the tree tops.  Ahhhhhh!

My fellow townies had their theories: bat boxes, wind chimes, surveillance cameras, fairy houses and traffic surveyors to name a few.  I personally hoped they were speakers for an amazing concert that Vermont was going to treat us to over the summer.

 In the end (as some of you with the same strange ornaments may know) it turned out to be beetle boxes.  More specifically, traps for these critters-

the Emerald Ash Borer.  They love love love Ash trees and the youngsters especially can, and have, caused massive destruction to forests across many states.  The boxes are a preventative measure to keep these bugs out of our trees and forests.  And the purple color?    Why, It's their favorite.  

That's all well and good, but I kind of wish scientists had instead discovered that state wide, free and fantastic concerts could really draw the Emerald Ash Borer crowd.

- photo of Emerald Ash Borer taken from here.


A :) said...

LOL we were also wondering what those were!

Jenilee said...

that is very interesting!

Leslie said...

i have not seen any of these boxes yet but now i will likely see them everywhere

Jennifer said...

How funny. I guess it is better than spraying nasty stuff over everyone.

But I agree, concerts seem to me a much better option, picturing it in my head right now, has the makings of a children's book if you ask me!

Nap Mom said...

We've had them for several summers now. The first time I saw them I thought some organization was sponsoring a scavenger hunt or something.

Alita said...

NOW THIS WAS A VERY COOL BLOG POST!!! Gosh, I love coming here TJ!

michelle derusha@graceful said...

Aha! I was just home in Massachusetts and saw one -- was completely mystified. Thank you for solving the mystery for me!

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