June 23, 2011

Shikaki say whati?

Hair.  It's a touchy subject for some, no?  Some people want curly hair instead of straight, some want long hair, some want short.  Some hate their hair and some would give anything to have locks again.

Touchy.  Very touchy.

I've always been a bit of a chameleon with my hair.  Changing it's length, color and style at whim.  Currently it's in the growing out phase again, so I'm wearing lots of head scarfs- yet another look for me.  It's not this length anymore... 

Don't bother checking my sidebar either; my hair also doesn't look like that anymore.  I seriously have to get an updated picture over there.  What you can see in the picture though, is the color of my hair SOOC.  I love it and I get it that way by using henna to dye my hair.

Anyway, all this hair talk leads me to my hair routine.  We all have those too and boy can they vary! 

 Are you ready to see my bathroom cabinet?

What on Earth??!!  I know, I know, let me explain.  I have curly hair, so once I realized shampoo stripped me of those curls, I kicked that bottle out.  I tried just conditioner for a while which worked until my hair was cut short and then it just kind of weighed it down.  Then, I hopped on the baking soda/apple cider vinegar bandwagon for quite a bit.  It was ok and super cost effective, but I knew I wouldn't want to do it forever.

It was time to think out of the bottle.

I thought about how much I adore my henna and how healthy and cheap it is.  I knew henna wasn't the only plant with a hair care history, so I started to investigate.

I discovered Shikakai and Amla powders and lots of other cool, NATURAL hair care supplies well loved by women, especially in India.  Besides being ingredients in my henna mix, these powders have far greater uses.  They stand on their own as powerful, yet gentle cleansing and conditioning agents that leave my hair shiny and healthy.


This is a shampoo bar that I use about once a week and I love everything about it but it's name.  It's so not shampoo.  As for those jars of powders, I have a smaller jar mixed up with shikaki and amla.  Every other day, I massage about a tablespoon into my wet hair while in the shower, let it sit while I do all my other shower stuff and then rinse it out.  The results are fabulous.

So what am I trying to say?
 If you love your hair routine, stick to it and simply get a good laugh out of this post (because I must sound ridiculous to you!).  BUT if you're looking for something different that's natural and saves a pretty penny, look in to these Indian powders. 

We still have a bottle of shampoo in the shower for Champ and conditioner for when I need to rinse my henna out.  I'm experimenting with homemade conditioner and oil treatments since I want to add them to my routine, but overall I'm tickled pink with my latest hair care discoveries.  

Once I have my routine down pat, I'll post again to share for those of you curious, or hysterically entertained by my antics.  ;)


Colleen said...

Ooooh... food for thought. I can't say that I've ever even heard of this stuff. I love all the fun products that you've introduced us to. Even if I don't ever use them, it's nice to know that they are out there.

Kate said...

Where, pray tell, does one obtain these Indian hair products?? I have red hair...my hair dresser does it...but reds fade really fast. The henna intrigues me. Looking forward to future hair posts!

Amy said...

Yes, where do you get these products? I've been on the no shampoo kick for a while, but use Castile soap mixed with a little oil (currently grape seed) and some essential oils about once a week or more if I don't have time to really let the water do it's work. I'd love to hear about your conditioner trials. I'd love to make my own. What are your basic ingredients? Last year I read "curly girl" by Lorraine Massey. Ever since then, I have a new appreciation for my curls. This time, when I cut my hair, I did't do it to get rid of th curls, I did it because I really like short hair! I love making my own beauty products! So much healthier and usually cheaper and better!

BTW- congratulations! Thanks for all the lovely comments on m blog!

Emmy said...

Your hair does look great! I am pretty simple and safe with my hair

Leslie said...

oooh i love this....my hair gets curlier every single pregnancy. At this point i look like shirley temple!!! i love the idea of using this....does it color your hair and clean it?

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