June 30, 2011

Sterling's Arthritis Public Service announcement

Sterling told me yesterday that she wanted to write a blog post about her arthritis.  I shrugged and said OK.  Today I went to find her to ask her what she wants written.  She wasn't pleased to be woken up from her nap.

She said

and since she's occasionally entitled to be bossy because she's old, I obliged.  Trot wasn't much more coherent (it was a hot day)

and so I went back to Sterling and told her if she wanted to blog, the time was now.  I caught her rolling her eyes at me

 and then she said to tell my readership about her new favorite cure all, Zeel.  

I stumbled upon Zeel tablets about 2 months ago when reading up on homeopathic remedies for arthritis.   I had already been giving Sterling versions of this remedy in the form of homeopathic Arnica and Rhus tox and I was looking for something a little more condensed and with a little more UMPH.  We had also tried the more conventional vet recommended route too, but she had bad reactions or no reactions at all to the medications we tried.

Zeel was different.  It worked, it was reasonably priced AND it was highly regarded by people struggling with arthritis symptoms, too.

I noticed small results after 2 days, but now that she's on a regular cycle with Zeel, there is a marked difference.  Sterling and I seriously can't recommend this stuff enough to any LIVING CREATURE dealing with arthritis.  She has gone from struggling to get up in the morning and limping along on walks 

to the bright eyed, active (well, 15 year old active) dog that I knew was hiding in that body somewhere!


Kate said...

Chondroitin and glucosamine help so much with my arthritis. I give it to my horses for joint pain, as well.
Looking forward to trying Zeel!

Leslie said...

that is awesome....thanks for the PSA. I have a husband with back arthritis...maybe he should try this!

Colleen said...

Good to keep in mind. I knew about arnica, but had never heard of this. I wonder if I can convince my inlaws to take this.

Emmy said...

Oh yea!! That is a very good thing. Cute pictures

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