June 21, 2011

What is it?

I tell ya, I am impressed by those of you who can announce a big life event on your blog only moments after it's actually happened!  I should get tips from you because it's taken us right up until now to tell all our other worldy (aka non bloggy) friends and family that I am pregnant, much less what the poor thing is.

Today, practically 6 months into my pregnancy, the wait is over.

We've had our ultra sound and I did my standard drink some caffeine before the appointment.  I like to think it ensures we'll see our small babe jumping all over the place with no need to come back in to confirm anything.  Anything like certain "organs", for example.

World, let me introduce you...


It's a boy!!  Meet our in utero SON whom we affectionately refer to as "Jerry' for the time being.

We are over the moon about it all.


Aimee said...

I think Blogger ate my comment, so my apologies if this shows up twice!

That is one cute little jellybean there, mama! Bear and Jerry will be fast friends! :)

And for the record, I originally typed "Ben and Jerry." Shows you where my mind is ;).

Katelyn said...

Yay! A boy!!! So excited for you all :)

Jessa said...

Yay for boys!!! :)

Colleen said...

Jerry, huh? Cute! ;)

Congrats again!!!

Winn (aka Koreen) said...

Almost 6 months in and just now you're telling? And no one guessed? Fun!

I like the name Jerry. I know a Jerry.... ;)

Jess said...

Boys are awesome!

deb duty said...

This is very exciting news! You are good at keeping secrets. I have two teen boys and I absolutely love having two boys. They are so much fun!

Kate said...

Congratulations! You must be so excited--plus you're already a pro at having and raising boys. Big Brother Bear will be an excellent role model for his wee sibling. Congrats again!

Lady Jennie said...

Yay! Boys are so much fun.

Alita said...

Well lady, I can tell you (from experience) that two boys... well it makes your heart full, your life full, your days full, and it is all beautiful!



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