July 21, 2011

aka Chick Peas

I had a huge can of garbanzo beans.  A few pounds huge...

so Bear and I decided to turn it into hummus (or at least 1lb of it into hummus- the rest I froze for when I feel like eating another hill of beans).

 Mmmmm, it was good!  We made it even better by whipping up some pitas to go with it.  Here's the recipe (in case you also have a pile of beans just aching for some pitas ):

Pitas (from "Baking Ideas" 1980-81)

3 1/2 -4C flour
1T yeast
1 1/4C warm water
2T olive oil
1t salt
pinch of sugar

- mix 1 1/2 C flour and all remaining ingredients together.  Gradually add in remaining flour until dough like consistency and knead for 5 minutes.
- rise 45 minutes
- punch down and shape into 12 balls
- roll each ball into a 5" or so circle from center to the edge (not back and forth or it won't puff)
- allow to rise 20-30 minutes
- spritz each circle with water if desired, then bake @ 375* 10-12 minutes until puffed and brown.

The day we made these, we didn't do the second rise because it was close to lunch and we were HUNGRY.  They still turned out delicious, but the extra rise does add bit more puff to them.

Sometimes I make the dough the night before, refrigerate it and then pull it out in the morning for the second rise.  Once I bake it off, I freeze the extras so I can have a pita whenever the mood strikes.  And with all these beans, it's probably bound to strike again soon.


blueviolet said...

At first when I started reading I thought you meant you ATE the entire can, and I was thinking WHAT?????

Glad you used it a more sensible way, and that sounds delicious!

Colleen said...

Six pounds! That's a lot of beans! Have to say... hummus is my favorite way to eat chick peas. Yum.

Leslie said...

A hill of beans!!! LOL!!! hummus and pita is so so yummy. You are making it sound like pita making on a whim is easy. You are amazing

Jessica said...

Yum! Just made hummus and I'm letting the pita rise right now. I'm guessing 350 degrees?

Jessica said...

350 was fine. Yum! We loved these and he devoured them with the hummus. Thanks for the idea! :)

Jenilee said...

yum! I love hummus! I've never tried to make it myself though. might have to try!

T.J. said...

Where is my head these days? I've since added the oven temp, but I'm glad 350 worked for you Jessica :) So excited you made them!!!!

Emmy said...

So how do you make the hummus? What else than the beans? I love love humus.

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