July 07, 2011

Birthday week!

Are you kidding?  No time to blog- it's Bear's birthday week and we are spending every second celebrating it to the fullest!

Friends and family have been flowing in and out our door.  Cakes have been baked and good times planned.  Turning 3 has never been so exciting!

We've gone to landlocked Vermont's version of "the beach" (aka lakes and reservoirs) where Bear was rocking a cowlick.

and we've had some late night sports activities.

This morning Bear's beloved "bear" got up early to make him breakfast: tomorrow it's my turn to wow Bear with my culinary skills.  How do I top a stuffed bear's ability to make "coffee"?

I may have set myself up for failure, but I'm not too worried.  Tomorrow is Bear's actual birthday and a few small presents are headed his way.  As long as "bear" didn't go shopping, I should still be in the clear as a cool Mama.


A :) said...

Please give bear a BIG birthday hug from us! <3

Colleen said...

Turning three sounds pretty awesome. And when else can you get away with rollerblading naked?? :)

Katelyn said...

Happy Birthday, Bear! (Wish I knew his real name...you should email me :) Three year olds are great!

koreen said...

Oh my! Inline skating in the buff? Hilarious! Especially the casual "I've been skating so hard that I just need a drink" pose. :D

Happy birthday, little guy! You're growing up so fast!

Leslie said...

could one little guy get any luckier!!!! You take the cake for coolest mom...celebrating all week is awesome! love the rollerblading shot.

Emmy said...

Cute pictures! Hope he had a wonderful birthday.

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