July 01, 2011


Did I mention Bear is back in Vermont?  It's been about a week since he's been back and things have just about returned to normal.  Upon his return, we celebrated a belated Father's Day with Champ.

There are also stories from Bear's week long stay in Pennsylvania.  We've heard lots, both from Bear and the friends and family who met with him during his time away, but I know that those aren't all the stories and I know we quite possibly won't ever hear all the stories.  That's the beauty of his visit.  I do know that at some point he met up with a goat.

                            (thanks Dad, for the pictures)

Stories from Champ and I are not half as enthralling as a goat encounter, but I did get a little crafty within some of my free moments while he was away.  Right before he departed, I finished his baby doll sling.

Is there anything sweeter than a child with a doll baby in a sling- especially one he had recently cloth diapered?    

I got a little knitting done (for a real baby, but doll baby is helping to model it).  

                                Sorry no pattern for this one: I was flying solo.

Now don't laugh, but the final crafty project I wanted to finish up were potholders.  Yes, potholders.  Mine were so grimy and boring and I had the funkiest fabric lying around, so

new potholders I made!  With retro kittens on them.  Basking in pink goodness.  I now feel complete.

Have a Fabulous Fourth of July (or a good weekend if you are a friend from another country) full of stars, stripes, fireworks and cookouts!!!


Leslie said...

Oh goodness i love those pink retro kittens!!!!! Vntage fabrics are my favorite. Yu got a lot done while that little fellow was away. His sling is precious.I made them for Avery and mitchel when they were smaller...ave still uses hers and mitchels was seen this week masquerading as a belt!,,

Colleen said...

When life hands you funky fabric, make potholders?? Love the sling. Have a wonderful busy weekend!

blueviolet said...

I love that you made a doll sling. That is so fun! And that cute little hat is adorable too. You've been busy!

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