July 14, 2011

The Strider

Turn away now if you are over the Bear heavy posts of the last few days.  

I promise to return to a bit more balanced blog space by next week.  I just couldn't help myself these past few days- come on, it was his birthday week, he's a toddler AND I just got a brand new camera*- that scenario just screams for photos, doesn't it?!

To top off his birthday week we were back at the skate park, but with a bike in tow this time.

I think I'm a pretty open minded, adventurous Mama, but there were a few moments where I had to sit on my hands so I didn't leap up and shout at him DANGER DANGER don't even think of going off that ramp!!

Not that he was in any real danger anyway, but seriously Bear, do you have to be so confident on your bike so soon? 

Friends gave him the Strider bike for his birthday and it is truly fantastic.  Bear's getting the feel of his bike and discovering his balance quite swimmingly.

Almost too swimmingly- especially with Champ's "encouragement".
 But I go along with it, because I can see Bear is thriving on developing his biking skills: learning to walk that fine line of adrenaline rush and safety. 

 Let me be clear here though: he definitely prefers to lean in to the adrenaline rush side.  I celebrate his spirit with my closed eyes and squashed hands.

*This post is my first attempt of using my Rebel and doing most of the editing in Photoshop.  From here on out, the labels will reflect whether I'm using my point and shoot or my DSLR.  Hear that?  MY DSLR!!!!!!


smalltownmom said...

That is the greatest bike. A friend's 3-year old is already riding a bike for real, because he learned to balance so fast on a Strider. Bear will have so much fun!

koreen said...

Awesome! My little guy is like that too. He's more ready for adventure and thrills than I am. :D

LOVE what you're doing with your photos. That last one with the flare is dy-no-mite!

Leslie said...

that little man is rocking the skate park!!! i can not believe how brave you are. i would definitely be screaming about danger.

Emmy said...

Great pictures!! Love that first one- love the angle and the editing is great.

Yes, I think when I first got my rebel I took over 1,000 pictures in one month.. heck probably a couple of weeks :)

Alita said...

Growing up soooo fast!!!!

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