July 05, 2011

View From A Float

I already loved the 4th of July before I had Bear.  Then, he was born on July 8th and I came to adore the 4th in a whole new way.  It's just a fun holiday; full of spirit, color and comradeship for fellow Americans- quite clearly displayed in the following picture:

Those waving float goers?  All dear friends of ours, visiting from out of state and more than willing to BE IN A PARADE with Bear, Champ and I rather than view it from the roadside.  I found their eagerly waving hands working the parade route to be both charming and hysterically funny.  Oh how it tickled my funny bone to see them waving to strangers and the strangers merrily waving back.
We provided post parade entertainment too, as we tried to figure out how to take a flattering shot of pregnant girlfriends.

It was more difficult
than I had imagined, but we kinda figured it out

Eventually.  It also proved difficult taking a group shot of all our current children.  Let me fast forward through the multiple outtakes to this
 hmmm.  Well, it certainly captured the moment if nothing else.
We had the first of many birthday parties for Bear this week.  Notice that while the grown-ups are entirely distracted, the children and dog know just what to do.

When the cake was polished off, we had a few visits

 from super heros

like any good birthday should have, thus drawing to a close Bear's birthday party #1.  With lots more company coming throughout this week, I'd say he has a fair shot of having at least one more birthday cake in his near future.  And perhaps another super hero or two.


kp said...

Such a great idea... superheroes at the party.

Love that group shot of you lovely ladies. I imagine the bumps were challenging! I think the shot of you three laughing is my favorite--that captures a real moment there! :)

Colleen said...

What fun!! I love all those pregnant bellies.
Happy Birthday to Mr. Bear! :)

Anonymous said...

Happy B-Day to your little Man. July is such a fantastic month... what a great time to have a bday. Love the pregnant belly shot ;D

[BOYS]terous Brooke

Jenilee said...

LOVE the prego pics!!! :)

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