August 18, 2011

Cape Cod

Oh Cape Cod how you continue to charm me.

Each time I cross your shores I'm enchanted by the salty winds, the calming pace, the laughing gulls and boy.

May I have been brined by your waters that I might carry you home on memories and cockle shells.

Memories.  Of ferry rides and loaded transport: a clamorous rally of motorcycles.

Martha's Vineyard- different than remembered, but curious nevertheless.

A father still teaching his 34 year old daughter; now educated about the lay of a dory motor.

A grandfather teaching his 3 year old grandson the first strokes- building blocks for navigating rip tides- independently, eventually...

Bear, does the sea thrill you as it does me?  Are you learning to embrace its every flow right down to its sandy soul?

The herring runs, a clanging buoy, the shovel hitting the pail.  Remember them all Bear

just as I can recall childhood clambakes, a Hyannis honeymoon, your first trip across the Bourne Bridge and now

our final portrait of 3.

Dear Cape, I carry these memories carefully, delicately home until we 4 return to you again.

Can you guess?  It was a wonderful vacation!  I am almost back to reality here in cozy Vermont and within a day or two I'll be back to phone calls, e-mails and blog hopping.  Lots of love!


alita jewel said...

This was a beautiful and breath taking post TJ. I loved how ethereal it was. You look great, mama!


Kate said...

Wonderful post, TJ! Makes me want to visit...I have never been. You look great, btw. Getting closer, isn't it?

Colleen said...

Such poetry! You obviously had a wonderful time. And your photos are beautiful! I've never been to Cape Cod. Enjoy a little down time before your cubby arrives. :)

Leslie said...

this looks so amazing!!!

Jess said...

So, you are the cutest thing. Ever! Lookin' so good with that beautiful belly.

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