August 12, 2011

How we prepare

We are about to leave on a short visit to Cape Cod and some of us are getting ready for beach life more uniquely than others...

Bear has been trying out his newest sports equipment love: goggles and a ridiculous wetsuit.  I, on the other hand, prepped for this vacation by finally finishing off a few last minute wardrobe needs for Bear.

The first being a huge, floppy hat to protect him from the sun's rays while still soaking in all it's welcomed warmth.  I found the free pattern here but tweaked it a little to meet my needs and fit Bear's super-sized head.  I cut out 4 (not 2) of the side pieces, but kept the crown the same.  I also added an additional strip of the lining print (dog paws) before sewing on the rim because the length was still a little short to me.  I also ironed on some interface to the brim and sides to give it a bit more body, but I actually don't think I'll do that the next time around.

Hmm, I guess I changed quite a few details, but it was a free pattern and I had a distinct vision (not that the hat actually turned out looking like what I had pictured, but whatever.  I like it.  Bear likes it.)

With the left over material I followed these easy instructions and made a pair of beach pants in no time flat.  I LOVED THIS PATTERN and will certainly be using it again- maybe next time with an actual T-shirt.  The only change I made was to add the border to the bottom of the pants at Bear's request.

And now, I declare we are ready to go to the beach.


smalltownmom said...

"Super sized head" made me laugh because both my sons had (still have) giant heads. One was wearing an adult size bike helmet at age 4.

Bear looks great!

Leslie said...

have a wonderful, super, magnificent time!!! i love how his hat and pants turned out. what a awesome momma!!!

Emmy said...

I hope you have a great time. I love your description of the hat, I just changed this, and this, and this :). Basically you are n awesome sewer and probably didn't need a pattern in the first place :)

AudreyO said...

I just stumbled to your blog. Hope you have a great time. I live in Santa Barbara and so I know how much fun the beach is :)

Jess said...

That's the way it goes. Mom gets everything ready for the kiddo(s), to the last excruciating detail... and then forgets to pack even a pair of panties for herself. *sigh* Don't ask how I know.

Have a great time! :)

Pam said...

Love the Cape! Have fun ...........

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