August 09, 2011

Madelines and Mint

I really shouldn't be here today.  I have work this week, a house to clean up from boatloads of fabulous company and a beach trip to prepare for-  YAY!!   but here I am because I love you so.  Or because I'm procrastinating that cleaning part.  No.  Well, maybe.

This morning we said goodbye to A and her doll of a daughter, G.

The visit was too short, but we managed to pack it with lots of gossipy goodness and a quick trip to the ice cream stand.

As for the rest of this post, wish me luck.  I am all over the map this week and today feels more like a Saturday than a Tuesday work day.  Perhaps I should allow my post to reflect how I feel...

a while back, I snapped a shot of some cast iron pieces I had scoffed up at a yard sale (I'm a bit obsessed with cast iron- especially when it only costs a dollar or two)

my plan was to show how satisfying and easy it is to refinish a discarded, rusted piece of cast iron into a thing of beauty.  I kind of forgot that as I got into scrubbing away at it and before I knew it I had a gorgeous pan that makes scrumptious madelines, but no photo tutorial to go along with it.  Not even a picture of the dessert!  Sorry. Um, I'm pregnant?

Oh, and I did play around with my camera settings to take my initial photos of the process.  I learned about exposure.  So there's that.

And to top off this stimulating entry, I give you MINT.

Mint grows really well in my garden and I never know what to do with it all.  As I was picking some for my iced tea, I had a brainstorm Hey, wait a minute.  I could use this in my hair!

So I picked a handful to experiment with and made a tea just like my green tea.  It worked perfectly on my hair!  yay!  So for the time being, I have switched over to using mint tea as my hair rinse in the shower since it's a) free and b) wakes me up with it's intense, delicious scent.   

Aren't you glad you stuck around to read this entire post?  I'll leave now. Promise. 


blueviolet said...

Love the idea of using mint for your hair rinse! Sad that your friends had to go. Whenever you do make those madelines, they're going to be wonderful!

koreen said...

Does the mint tea turn your hair green? What is it supposed to do to your hair? I'm really curious because I like to experiment too. :D

Emmy said...

I always have plans of things I am going to fix up but I rarely do- so I've stopped buying things I need to fix

Leslie said...

i am indeed glad that i read this whole post!!! i had a good chuckle as i read through all the different things!!! that mint tea is such a fun idea. i bet it smells heavenly.

Pam said...

I think I know those faces!

Lady Jennie said...

Really? What an idea! I'm wondering if I'm going to be ambitious enough to make soap out of my lavender. Hmm ... probably not.

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