September 30, 2011

American Girl Dolls aren't all THAT creepy...

Remember this post?  Well, it's time for you to officially meet the girls: Molly, Kirsten and Kit.  I scored them at an August yard sale and while they needed a little TLC they were WAAAAAAAAAAAAY cheaper than if I had bought them new  (Kirsten is actually a retired American Girl which apparently means big bucks in doll land).  I was never really a doll person, so I cracked up when I hauled these bad girls home, but you see, my niece recently discovered American Girls and when I saw them at the yard sale I had to given it a go.  

The dolls had bad hair and marker and dirt marks on them (bad teeth, a foul attitude, poor eating habits..  I could go on...)

I Googled around for suggestions on how to begin restoring them and eventually found stephenswodadancer who knows her American Girl Doll stuff!  Using some key supplies-

 I set the girls up with their chemical peel date in the sun.

What do you think the roofers and construction crew thought of me when they saw this?

After sunning themselves for a few days, the girls came inside for their spa appointment.

                                 (these pictures get creepier and creepier...)

You can still see the red mark on Molly's leg.  That's because we ended up getting so much RAIN aka FLOOD WATER that the sun disappeared and I needed to move on with this project.  I plan to tackle Molly's leg again soon.

I wanted to send Kirsten to my niece for her birthday, but she still needed an authentic looking outfit.  Etsy came to my rescue with Cherilynn of Ashley's Attic.  Cherilynn provided me with amazing customer service and a gorgeous outfit to boot!

Kirsten got dressed and mailed on to Pennsylvania, Molly awaits Christmas and Kit?

Well, Kit has been kidnapped by Bear and he shows no signs of giving her up any time soon.  Perhaps I let him because overly involved in the restoring process and now he has detachment issues. 



Blessed Adventures, Catherine Anne said...

LOVE this~ My girls are all about AG history. After years of Sunshine asking, she had Kit waiting under the tree this past Christmas. So good to stop in and say hello. It has been too long. Blessings

The Keierleber Characters said...

I have an AG doll- thanks for the restoration tips :) these pics are hilarious girl!

alita jewel said...

Detachment issues, lol!!!

Um, yeah... dolls creep me out. But this post was interesting non the less.


Kate said...

Only innovative YOU would take on this project, TJ! The end result is pretty fantastic.

Leslie said...

i am not really sure what to say about the scary doll pictures, but "Yikes!"

though finding cheap, real AG dolls is fun. Avery once found one at Goodwill for 10 dollars, almost brand new.

Jennifer said...

This is fabulous! I recently bought Isabella's Kirsten an outfit at a craft fair.

Emmy said...

Awesome job! Kirstin is retired?? She was always my favorite. Great job! And those pictures are funny

Amy said...

I love this! It 's good to know that you can fix certain things.

Nap Mom said...

Way to go! I am too old for dolls, but I do regret not purchasing Kirsten for myself before she was retired. She is my favorite. I think I like her so much because she reminds me of "The Little House on the Prairie" book series. You are such a great aunt!

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