September 17, 2011

He could be a golf club model

Bear is a bit obsessed with golf. 

I am obsessed with getting him a particular tee shirt for his birthday and then doing a "photo shoot" with him wearing it (makes it easier to file away photos when his birthday # is clearly printed on him!).

This year we snuck well yeah, snuck onto Stratton's golf course and let my DSLR rip.  These were some of the outtakes:

Oh that hair.  Family! friends! Bear's 3 year old pictures will be arriving soon to a mailbox near you.  Get 'em while they're hot.


Jenilee said...

he is a cutie!!!

Kate said...

I like his birthday shirt, but for a proper golf photo Bear needs to be wearing a sweater or shirt with a loud argyle plaid pattern on it. Golfers always dress badly and in loud colors. Way to hit the ball, Bear!

Emmy said...

Oh what a doll!! Very fun picture idea. Love love that last shot- he looks like he is thinking about something very important.

Pearl said...

So cute! And such blonde hair!


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