September 28, 2011

Hoofing it on a run

 This morning, like most mornings, Champ went for his early (I mean early) morning run just as I was rolling over in bed.  

 Today was extra special though, because at the top of our road he discovered Moose prints.  Impressive moose prints stamped into the dirt like large hearts.

So tomorrow morning I think I'll crawl out of bed with him, bundle up on the front porch and peer up the road for a while.  One never knows.

Gorgeous hued leaves, the smell of wood fires, animals making their autumn trek through our woods and a baby soon on his way- oh Fall I can hardly stand how amazing you are.


Leslie said...

those prints are huge!!!! i hope you get to see one in the morning

koreen said...

Oh, good luck with seeing a moose! They're lucky, you know. ;)

I'd be the same, rolling over in bed instead of running. Unless the moose was chasing me of course.

alita jewel said...

I feel the same way about autumn! And I would have loved to see a moose. Seriously!

blueviolet said...

Those prints are HUGE!!!!! Oh my goodness!

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