September 21, 2011

Let me tell you a story

When we moved from Pennsylvania to Vermont, I packed boxes and boxes of my books, Champ packed boatloads of his sports equipment. We may have also packed our love seat and a stock pot or two.

If you were to observe Bear today, it would absolutely explain our great pains in packing back then.  The child is both a sports fanatic and a book fiend.  Yay for a bookworm who wears cleats.

I cherish his literary love and am always looking for ways to keep it stoked. My favorite resources for this are 1) any local bookstore! 2) Montessori suggestions 3) Waldorf suggestions 4) and excerpts from a newly discovered book I so dig- "The Joyful Child" by Peggy Jenkins

And so, currently in our book baskets, we have 1) current/timeless children's books borrowed from our library 2) a book or two full of factual information about pregnancy, birth and being a big brother 3) a number of fairy tales 4) and a handful of books Bear's attention is currently relating to (right now it's books about flies and the moon.  These are his interests- I giggle and go with it).

Some of our 3 year old reading list:
"Johnny Cake" by Margaret Soutendijk
"Time of Wonder" by Robert McCloskey
"Where the Wild Things Are"- Maurice Sendak
"I'm A Big Brother" by Joanna Cole
"The Three Wishes" retold by M. Jean Craig
"Old Black Fly" by Jim Aylesworth
"The Elves" by Brothers Grimm
"Sam Who Never Forgets" by Eve Rice
"Sylvester and the Magic Pebble" by William Steig
"A Baby is Born" by Paul Showers

What's on your (fill in the age ;)  ) reading list? 


Nap Mom said...

AH... you must read "On Mother's Lap."

From - This book tells the story of a little boy who, while curled on his Mother's lap, wants to bring all sorts of other objects up with him... until the baby wants to be included. Of course, there's "always room on Mother's lap" which the little boy finds is not only true but a pleasant experience for him as well.

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