September 26, 2011

The List

About that list...

 It's BIG and written on chart paper because even though I am no longer a kindergarten teacher, I still adore writing on kindergarten paper.  It's freeing and also clearly visible to anyone who wants to help out (no worries, Champ has already gotten the hint, poor guy).

Now I couldn't really show you what was on it because you would laugh because of names and whatnot, but I'll break it down.

I nest by processing food for the winter at a hyper drive rate.  This is a fact.  With the birth of Bear, it was just days before his arrival and I strong armed Champ into processing 2 bushels of corn for me.

This year, I tried to relax a bit.  I accepted that things would not be my version of perfect and I was even willing to combine frozen berries with fresh ones.


Line items on the list suggest editing and ordering pictures, ensuring Bear has his Halloween costume on time, purging anything that gets in my way and ordering the new baby's initials from the woodworking store.  What?  Why sure I'll tell you- they were X and Q.  

 To accomplish those priorities, activities like 

and vacuuming have fallen to the way side in recent days.

                       (we have a complete set- his and her's)

- have Sterling's prescription refilled- check!
- pull out and sort Bear's Fall clothes- check!
- locate baby diapers in green room- check!
- install new (used) dishwasher- check!
- begin to process carrots in the garden-


So things are getting done and I savor the feeling of completeness each time I can draw a big 'ol line through things we have accomplished (another little skill I picked up in kindergarten). I sit back, pat my belly spend precious one on one time with Bear and then turn my attention back towards jobs that haven't been finalized yet:

- barnstorm clean entire house
- find a tidy way to store all of Bear's helmets
- de-spiderweb everywhere
- clean Bear's room once roof chaos is over

are you laughing yet because sometimes I review The List and giggle to myself - it is so very ME. 

In moments when I allow my whirlwind of movement to slow down and I pause to wipe the dust off The List, I begin to wonder if I've stumbled on to some larger reality.  Some version of Life lived that we can all relate to in some way or another; regardless of what our individual priorities are or how we choose to tackle or record them.


smalltownme said...

It's so gratifying to be able to cross something off the list.

blueviolet said...

Sometimes I break big tasks down into little ones just so I can cross off more things from the list.

You're getting a lot done!

Jess said...

"find a tidy way to store all of Bear's helmets" And THIS is why I visit your blog! :D

Jenilee said...

I love big lists when the items are crossed off the list!

Kate said...

The list is just your way of bringing organization into this chaotic world. I put food away too...the Texan thinks I'm crazy! You are nesting and getting things in order for the big day.
Our 'day' is this Thursday....Yay!!

Leslie said...

i am so enjoying Bear's method of garden processing! looks tasty!!! you are going to be one ready girl if you even get part of this list done!!! go you

Kate said...

Hey, I want big paper for my lists. I bet I wouldn't lose (er, ignore) those.

You have such great ideas. Just wait until this baby meets you.

(You're so close--yay! Thinking good thoughts your way...)

Lady Jennie said...

Nesting can be crazy. I was vacuuming like never before (but mostly because it was supposed to make my water break).

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