September 23, 2011

Manual Labor

No, no I'm not in labor yet. 

My due date (because that is when the baby will arrive, of course) is still October 12th.  I just have labor on my mind a lot these days...

Manual Labor:  as in we are getting some major work done to our roof and chimney by two very competent and kind "worker guys" as Bear likes to call them.  Bear might as well call them superstars, idols or just plain cool since he clearly has a little crush on them.

It was practically inevitable; they drive trucks, work with tools and even occasionally wear helmets.

I had to learn to adjust to our new surroundings.  This Mama is in her nesting phase for sure and commotion, deconstruction and construction don't necessarily play well into that.  ESPECIALLY since my form of nesting is mainly purging and cleaning which Champ is all too quick to point out.  It's not so easy to achieve nesting bliss when everywhere I look there are piles and messes.  And missing parts of our house.

I focus on how grateful I will be this winter to have a firm strong roof over our heads and a chimney that doesn't leak.  We are so blessed;  unlike many of our neighboring houses rattled by Tropical Storm Irene.  We asked for this commotion, they did not.

I celebrate how wonderful D & D, our worker guys, are and that by simply being here they are not only getting much needed house repairs done for us, but the entertainment they provide for Bear is priceless in my book.  It gives me time to sneak away and purge yet another closet, sweep up just one more dust pile...

AND AND AND practice shooting in manual on my camera- the pictures in this post prove I am learning even if I have a WEEEEEE BIT more to master.


Jess said...

Yes, babies always arrive on their due dates. ;) Will your big house mess be completed by then?

We have a big mess here too, but luckily it's mostly in our basement. We're getting a brand new furnace, and I'll be so thankful for that this winter too.

smalltownme said...

Lucky Bear to have such fascinating live entertainment.

blueviolet said...

I hope it's all over and done with before too long. I can see where you'd want things back to normal by the time baby comes!

Lady Jennie said...

I know JUST how you feel. We've been in construction for about two years, the worst of it (dust everywhere) was when my youngest was crawling.

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