September 10, 2011

Moving on (because there are so many others)

When disaster strikes, there is only so long one can focus singularly on it.  The days swing on, relief efforts continue, people slowly regain their spirit and with this ever changing world, the intense chaos becomes yesterday's news while a new disaster takes it's place.

I am ready to move this blog on, but I will never be ready for the "new disaster"- this time around the Texas fires, the flooding back in my hometown state of Pennsylvania, 9/11 reminders... the list goes on. 

Stay strong friends.  May that sense of spirit help rebuild you soon.

This week in my town, I saw an American Red Cross Disaster Relief truck.  It was getting hooked up to a tow truck.  Ironic, to say the least.

Ahem.  Seriously moving on...

The rain finally stopped yesterday, so it was time to carry on with a certain sunshine needing project:

 yeah, more on that later. 

Moving on also means letting go of some blog issues: my confessionals are: 

- a while back, I was going to follow up a Father's Day post.  I didn't.  Sorry about that.

- I am simply not blogging or commenting that much right now.  I'm ok with it and know it's just a phase.  Mainly an "ahhh the baby will be here soon and there's lots to do" phase! 

- some day I will get around to fixing the layout, tags and links of my blog.  not today though, or tomorrow.

If only moving on after a disaster was as easy as moving on with my own little blog hiccups.  How easy it would all be.

Love to you all,


Emmy said...

There are so many things on my blog I want to fix- but yea just never get to it. What are you doing with those dolls??

Jess said...

Those don't sound like blog confessions, more like apologies. And girl, there is no such thing! Rest up and get your "lots to do" done before baby arrives!

Jenilee said...

yes, the getting ready for baby time is quite crazy and busy! family is a first priority! :)

Pam said...

Hope you are well. It is all so sad to think. Be sure to let us know what we can do if anything from this distance. Thinking about you and your family, soon to be one more!

Lady Jennie said...

No hang-ups! Life is too short for hang-ups! People read you for your you, and not for a perfect blog.

Hope for a speedy, safe and wonderful delivery where you'll have your hands full enough!

deb duty said...

Sometimes you just need a break from the blog. He looks so cute in his frog hoodie!

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