October 13, 2011


Life with two and all the memories come back.  I remember this place of sweet baby sighs and milky whispers. 

The washer loyally churning out fresh diapers and the kitchen being called upon to create comfort food after comfort food.  Wee hours of the night looking at his face, always for the first time, and inhaling that perfect smell; unlike any other.


I startle in remembrance too: here is where my water broke, there is where I danced away a contraction.  Of hospital and nurses, steady heartbeats pounding through each night...

did I really just go through all that?
is that phase of the journey truly over?

Tears come as I watch my uterus shrink to a place possibly never called upon again and I can't bear to think of the pregnancy clothes eventually leaving my drawers.  Bear seems to have grown 6 inches while he was out of my sight. 

We visit the midwives to present our newest son and they circle around us, celebrating courage and new life, singing of Hakuna Matata.

It is sad.
It is sweet.
It is these moments that fill my lucky, blessed days.


Pam said...

Congratulations and can't wait to meet the new little Weikert! Thinking of you!

Jess said...

So bittersweet. Being Mama of a newborn brings out the very best in you TJ. I leave your blog feeling honored to have peeked at the little you show us here.

Jennifer said...

You are making me misty. xoxox

Leslie said...

i don't think there ever was such a sweet handsome little man!! TJ he is gorgeous. savor every single moment

Colleen said...

I'm just oohing and aahing and sighing over here. He's so precious. And Bear is just getting so big! I remember how my babies seemed so much older and bigger once I brought the new baby home. Sad and sweet indeed.

As for the blog name for your new guy... I'm thinking that if you have a Bear, why not a Cubby?

Lady Jennie said...

Your uterus may be called upon again. ;-)

deb duty said...

Congratulations on your sweet baby boy. He's just so precious!

Nap Mom said...

What a truly sweet and heartfelt post - I mean, I really have tears in my eyes. Blessings to you, baby, big brother, and dad!

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