November 09, 2011

Grilled date, chive and goat cheese sandwich

Newborns don't believe anyone should eat regularly besides them.

This especially applies to their mothers.  I am working to change this since I like food, especially tasty, flavorful dishes. 

As with all systems, there are loopholes and this one contains only 4 delicious ingredients:
- goat cheese

- dates
- bread

Put them together as if making a plain old grilled cheese sandwich, top with a little honey...

and Presto!  A sandwich that meets my "tasty, flavorful" criteria and is fast and healthy too.

Paired with warmed almond and nutmeg milk, it's a lunch made in heaven and Ace is none the wiser.


Leslie said...

sounds so yummy!!! could you do it with something other than dates?

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