November 15, 2011

I am beginning to hate daylight savings time

Spring forward, Fall back...  I'm finding it's all the same to children.  They lose their mojo; their bearings thrown out the window to mix with this year's falling leaves.

My usual cherub-like, perfectly mannered, impeccably clean gentlemen

are a little OFF.  I am too (are you?), but I'm nothing like these poor guys. My nap trick of warming things up with a hot water bottle?  Yeah, not cutting it this week with Ace.

Bear has boycotted all apparel, short of a sling for his beloved Bear.

Even Sterling is confused, begging more often than usual for food and lurking around corners waiting for scraps.

Daylight Savings time may have been perfected for the greater masses, but try telling my 3 year old why he cannot get up at that early of an hour, or my 16 year old dog why she actually has an hour until dinner will be served.  

To keep the sanity around these parts and to prep for all the exciting birthdays (and a Christening!) coming up over these next few days, I am signing off until next week.  By then all our good juju, yogic breathing vibes will have returned.  right?  right?  Tell me that's correct ;).


smalltownme said...

My cats don't understand why their dinner is late, either.

Leslie said...

daylight savings time is not is so dark so early and i just want more time to let everyone play outdoors!! i hope your mojo comes back

Jess said...

Oh, I know. That time change is just awful. I'm hopeful it'll all be back to normal in another week too.

koreen said...

Why should only the time change with DST? Why not also dinner time? nap time? Even wake up and going to bed times, too? That's what I'm going to do. We all just get up earlier, eat earlier and go to bed earlier. As for school, karate, swimming, etc.... they just all seem to be starting later than normal for some reason! ;) (hee hee hee)

Emmy said...

So agree! It is such a pain when kids are involved. I hope you have a great Thanksgiving.

Colleen said...

I do not like it Sam I Am!!

It's just far too dark, far too early!

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