November 26, 2011

What? You didn't have a trophy on your Thanksgiving table?

Thanksgiving is now over and this year's Gluttony Bowl trophy rests solidly in my Father's hands.  Well played, Dad. 

Perched next to the trophy was a birthday cake, or rather a Kransekake (no I'm not Norwegian, I just got the molds at a bargain basement price), which is even cooler because you can hide presents in it.

         (some birthday folks prefer the simpler, pumpkin pie route...)

As it was recently my birthday among many, I sampled a bit of both cakes while exploring my gifts.  I know- GIFTS?!  I find it hard to believe I still get any, but hey, I'm not about to complain.  I am so lucky, in fact, that one of my dear, dear friends got me a fisheye adapter for my camera lens.  Yay!  Now I can take pictures of

humorless husbands (really Champ, why not look at me?) 

polite Playmobil.  

I could have also taken a picture with it of this other tradition we have on Thanksgiving...

wait, what are you thinking right now?  I mean, yeah you might not have a trophy at your Thanksgiving, but surely you shoot clay pigeons?  Hmm, how about this instead-

Ace was christened!  Not only does he have the most wonderful, wonderful Godparents- you are the best S & C!- but he had a little peanut gallery rooting him on...

A few other twists and turns happened recently-

but I'm going to leave well enough alone since, if you're not so sure about this update, then you really wouldn't believe the pictures I haven't posted.

Gobble, Gobble to you all!


Jennifer said...

Oh My Goodness! So much activity! xoxox

Emmy said...

Yep can't say shooting clay pigeons is one of our traditions :). Oh have fun with the fish eye :). And yes, you should get gifts on your birthday! Happy belated bday

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