December 09, 2011

7 days

These past seven days, Bear has been busy in his workshop making gifts.  I had been calling it "Santa's Workshop", but Bear said Santa wasn't around to help, so we should just call it "workshop".  fine.

Ace and I were in charge of  overseeing his productivity, but really I was in charge because how much can that baby really keep an eye on when staring at my collarbone for most of the day?

         (no idea why I'm giving you a thumbs up, but hey- good job.)

These past seven days, three out of four of us have been sick with colds.  It's not been pretty.

These past seven days, my in laws arrived with food, affection and helping hands.  It was awesome.  

These past seven days, through sickness and visitors and adjusting to a new baby brother, I realized that not only does Bear look older, he's acting older. 

He's setting the table without being told.  He's putting on his boots by himself.  He hauls logs over to the wood stove and sweeps up crumbs with a dust pan.

He's making motor sounds for his dirt bikes and loudly flying his airplanes.  He meticulously dresses his Playmobil people and then launches in to the most imaginative play with them- including extensive conversations that make me giggle when I eavesdrop on him.

He understands now that the warm feeling in his heart is love and has announced that Trot is his best friend (Trot was delighted).

I had not meant for the post to go this way today. I am baffled by my wistfulness, but I look at these pictures, I recall how Bear catered to me when I was down for the count and it becomes clear that there's no denying it.... Bear is growing up.

No need to slow it down or lament his toddlerhood passing quickly by, but I ask you- how did I miss it?  They all warned me to watch; that he would grow before I knew it and to be vigilant.  I had my eyes on every blonde hair of his and monitored his shoe size like a hawk and yet somewhere between head and toe, my baby boy has begun to grow up.


Emmy said...

Yes and having another makes you realize how big they now are. He sounds like such a sweet great boy. Love the picture of him playing on the floor. And duh- of course it isn't Santa's workshop if Santa isn't there :)

smalltownme said...

Aww, they do that... My "baby" is 6'1" and I swear it happened overnight.

Anonymous said...

When my grandson Christopher was 8 months old his parents and he came to live with us. When he was old enough to be out and about he went everywhere on the farm with Grampa. I loved the little fellow and wished I could freeze him at that age. But I also was fascinated to see each new skill he developed, each maturing step as you see with Bear. You can't have both. He is now 17. I still love to watch him mature and grow but I still miss my little friend.

A :) said...

LOVE love LOVE! Can't wait to see you all on Saturday! <3

Jenilee said...

sorry you guys have been sick! that really is no fun! what a cute picture of you giving that thumbs up. :)

Nap Mom said...

You KNOW this makes tears well up in my eyes. Where does the time go? As I sit and stare at my teen, with my toddler in my lap, I cry. I cry because I know my teen grew up too fast and my babies are well on their way. Watching the grow is sooooooo bittersweet.

Your picture of Bear sitting next to his friend, with the planes on the floor... just priceless!

koreen (aka: winn) said...

Yes, they do grow up. I was amazed how big my boy is, watching him at his school Christmas concert tonight. Only kindergarten, but still... it's starting to happen so fast! :(

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