December 21, 2011

Christmas just might be effortlessly wonderful

I am always a little something or other this time of year.  Part of it is that Champ's third job always starts up around this time.  Most of it is because I struggle hard to balance family time with prepping for Christmas and find it difficult to be regularly "present". Do you? 

I strive to keep my Faith at the forefront of my mind these days leading up to Christmas, but even with daily treks into Nature to center me and a purposeful intent to keep the holiday buzz at bay, I still only get it right 30% of the time.  Thank goodness God is forgiving.  And understanding.  And all knowing...

            Ace knows how to chill out.  Why not me?

This past weekend while Champ worked, Bear asked to make a present for baby Jesus

and we made snowglobes for all our loved ones.

The Wise Men moved a little closer to the manger,

and as we settled in that night and a large majority of family members clamored for the warmth of the wood stove,

the peace of the season was finally upon me.  I had received one of the greatest gifts of Christmas somewhere between sun up and sun down and it had arrived effortlessly, through God's grace.

I felt relaxed, some of the Christmas check list was accomplished, the boys had my presence most of the day, and the Spirit of Christmas had never wavered even as each hour passed.  God was among us and it felt wonderful to welcome Him in.  May it happen again tomorrow, and the next day, and long after Christmas has faded in to winter.


smalltownme said...

What a beautiful weekend! I love the picture by the fire.

Emmy said...

Beautiful! And your pictures! Getting better every day! That first pictutre drew me in immediately. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas.

Nap Mom said...

Oh wow! This is such an inspirational post and exactly what I need, since my moms group is on winter break. I had a great time being "present" with my kids over these past two days. Being blessed with a feeling of "relaxation" truly is a gift - that I think I didn't get this year, not yet anyway. I did get a long nap today though, so that is something to be thankful for. Merry Christmas!

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