December 07, 2011

Moveable Alphabet

I've never been a big fan of numbers,or Math (bleech), but words and language?  Now that's something I can get behind and it's something I tend to photograph way more often than any counting activity we might do around here.  Today, I'm actually going to use some of those random language arts photos!

 I keep a basket handy in our living room (great room?  With a high ceiling and wall to wall windows, I never know what to call it) complete with pre-reading supplies.  There are Bob booksa moveable alphabet box, some writing tools and sandpaper letters along with a book or two that Bear can confidently read retell.

A typical activity begins with us reading a "Bob book" and then focusing on a word from it, in this case "cat".  We play around with it's sounds and I help him pick the letters that represent these sounds out of the moveable alphabet box.

If we're feeling jumpy, we go on to match up and trace these letters with the sandpaper letters.  Sometimes, we develop rhyming words and I show him how to just replace the beginning sound.

Bear also use these letters to help guide him as he practices writing new words.

There is so very much that can be done with these materials!  I'm still discovering new uses for them that help to keep Bear interested and engaged in his learning.  

If you're curious for more, just Google "moveable alphabet" and have at it!


Jess said...

Oh my goodness. That sweet boy of yours wrote those letters!? Wow! WowWOWwow. Great job Mama. The letters look really cool, I'm gonna check into those.

Katelyn said...

Yay for moveable alphabets! And sandpaper letters! Now, I know the language is amazing, but really, Montessori math is where it's at ;)

Leslie said...

i love this basket idea....maybe someday when Delilah is bigger we can implement some of these things again

Pam said...

Ever the kindergarten teacher! :)

T.J. said...

I concede that you are right Katelyn; even though I'll never truly like Math ;)

Emmy said...

So cute! He is going to be so ready for school when it is time

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