December 02, 2011

Stalked at the Thrift Shop

Yet another one of them found her way into my life.  She heard I do wonders with mangled, well-loved hair, so she apparently looked me up. 

I have her settled into a "Downy dunk" (do I sound like I know what I'm doing?  I don't.) and she seems happy enough.  Not this kind of happy...

but still, happy.

Funny enough, the whole household seems happier today.  I'll take it.  

Have I mentioned my time at the store has come to an end (boy that went fast!), and now I'm home with the boys?  You would think my blessed situation would keep me from whining a bit on certain TRYING days, but then I wouldn't be telling the truth, now would I?  And honestly, how interesting would my blog be then?  Exactly.

Enjoy your Friday! 


Nap Mom said...

Downy dunk??? Unbelievable. Good to know though.

Leslie said...

how do they find you??? i am going to have to try the dunk on a few of ours!!! love the baby pic

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