November 30, 2011

Full disclosure on boys and pinecones

Those two seem innocent enough, but that isn't necessarily the case (especially that little one right there). While my life is mostly peachy keen, I'm not about to pretend we don't have our moments.

Take yesterday, for example.  Notice what's missing from this mug full of tea?  

THE TEABAG.  I was so, shall we say occupied?! with Ace, that I didn't even notice I had forgotten to add it until a few sips into my drink, you know, the drink that I had steeped WITH NOTHING for 10 minutes.  

 Maybe I should rethink drinking decaf tea???  Really it didn't matter anyway because the baby needed to nurse, Bear needed something or other and before I knew it an hour had passed and my tea was cold.

Oh if that was the only complaint I had from this week. 

So yes, life is awesome and tricky right now and I've had to rein my priorities in hardcore to compensate.  Goodbye "visiting other blogs regularly", bon voyage "learning how to use Photoshop", adieu "making my own yogurt each week"... I know I'll be back to you eventually, but for now XOXOXO.

On the bright side, In a sane moment last week, Bear and I got a little crafty.  We gathered up pinecones

dipped them in some melted wax (you could use old candles)

and then rolled them in a concoction of cinnamon, clove, nutmeg, and sparkles.

They turned out beautiful and smelled scrumptious!

Truly, hello out there and I hope each of you are doing well.

November 26, 2011

What? You didn't have a trophy on your Thanksgiving table?

Thanksgiving is now over and this year's Gluttony Bowl trophy rests solidly in my Father's hands.  Well played, Dad. 

Perched next to the trophy was a birthday cake, or rather a Kransekake (no I'm not Norwegian, I just got the molds at a bargain basement price), which is even cooler because you can hide presents in it.

         (some birthday folks prefer the simpler, pumpkin pie route...)

As it was recently my birthday among many, I sampled a bit of both cakes while exploring my gifts.  I know- GIFTS?!  I find it hard to believe I still get any, but hey, I'm not about to complain.  I am so lucky, in fact, that one of my dear, dear friends got me a fisheye adapter for my camera lens.  Yay!  Now I can take pictures of

humorless husbands (really Champ, why not look at me?) 

polite Playmobil.  

I could have also taken a picture with it of this other tradition we have on Thanksgiving...

wait, what are you thinking right now?  I mean, yeah you might not have a trophy at your Thanksgiving, but surely you shoot clay pigeons?  Hmm, how about this instead-

Ace was christened!  Not only does he have the most wonderful, wonderful Godparents- you are the best S & C!- but he had a little peanut gallery rooting him on...

A few other twists and turns happened recently-

but I'm going to leave well enough alone since, if you're not so sure about this update, then you really wouldn't believe the pictures I haven't posted.

Gobble, Gobble to you all!

November 15, 2011

I am beginning to hate daylight savings time

Spring forward, Fall back...  I'm finding it's all the same to children.  They lose their mojo; their bearings thrown out the window to mix with this year's falling leaves.

My usual cherub-like, perfectly mannered, impeccably clean gentlemen

are a little OFF.  I am too (are you?), but I'm nothing like these poor guys. My nap trick of warming things up with a hot water bottle?  Yeah, not cutting it this week with Ace.

Bear has boycotted all apparel, short of a sling for his beloved Bear.

Even Sterling is confused, begging more often than usual for food and lurking around corners waiting for scraps.

Daylight Savings time may have been perfected for the greater masses, but try telling my 3 year old why he cannot get up at that early of an hour, or my 16 year old dog why she actually has an hour until dinner will be served.  

To keep the sanity around these parts and to prep for all the exciting birthdays (and a Christening!) coming up over these next few days, I am signing off until next week.  By then all our good juju, yogic breathing vibes will have returned.  right?  right?  Tell me that's correct ;).

November 11, 2011

How to mail a letter

That right there made me smile.  And then giggle.  And then breath a big sigh to clear my thoughts and go on with my hectic, wonderful day.

Tell me, in your town would you have received this or would Ace have had one less birthday card?

Have a lighthearted weekend, everyone!

November 09, 2011

Grilled date, chive and goat cheese sandwich

Newborns don't believe anyone should eat regularly besides them.

This especially applies to their mothers.  I am working to change this since I like food, especially tasty, flavorful dishes. 

As with all systems, there are loopholes and this one contains only 4 delicious ingredients:
- goat cheese

- dates
- bread

Put them together as if making a plain old grilled cheese sandwich, top with a little honey...

and Presto!  A sandwich that meets my "tasty, flavorful" criteria and is fast and healthy too.

Paired with warmed almond and nutmeg milk, it's a lunch made in heaven and Ace is none the wiser.

November 05, 2011

Ace. The birth story.

"Courage is knowing you're licked before you've begun but you begin anyway and see it through no matter what." 
  - Atticus Finch, "To Kill A Mockingbird"

In a way, at the beginning of this pregnancy I did feel licked.  Bear's birth had ended in a C-section which made me a VBAC candidate this time around.  Our hospital does not perform VBACS thus my current midwifery could not deliver.  We temporarily needed to leave them for a VBAC friendly hospital and an OB/GYN practice affiliated with it.  I again felt in control of my pregnancy with this switch and was thrilled to have the VBAC option: it meant that no matter how things ended, my body would be able to go into labor naturally, allowing for all those good hormones to surge and do their thing.

In the 35th week of my pregnancy, I received the standard Strep B test and it came back positive.  Typical treatment for this involves hospitalization for antibiotics once labor begins or the waters break and none of it bodes well for a VBAC candidate.  I called doctors, trolled the Internet and cried- then I came up with a plan.  I would only be willing to take the antibiotics if  a) my waters were ruptured for 18+ hours  b) I went into labor before 38 weeks.

More drama (or shall I say "courage building") came at the tail end of my pregnancy.  Long story short: I received news there was a discrepancy over my due date and so I was suddenly considered "late".  I could go into a big explanation here, but there's no need because at 3:47am the next day my water broke and the point was moot.  Oh how I adored this baby already!

I labored through the day; some of it intense, some not.  Eventually Bear was settled in at a friend's house and the clock struck 18 hours.  Like it or not, I knew it was time to head to the hospital.

A woman in Laborland doesn't really know what's going on around her besides contractions.   Time must have passed; eventually it was evening of the second day.  I labored and exhaustion was beginning to creep in, but the baby stayed strong and I was so proud of my body to have come that far.  I tried to register each wave of contractions to memory, for this phase was a gift and I knew it.

The morning of the third day came upon us and with the final exam I was told what I already intuitively felt: regardless of the intensity or amount of contractions, my cervix was not dilating appropriately.

           "Ace" arrived by C-section on 10/7/11.  He was 
             9 pounds 9 ozs. and 22 1/4 " long.


A week later, we took him to meet the midwives.  They oogled and fussed, congratulated me and wiped my uncertain tears as I told them the story.  My hands were clasped by one of them and she looked me in the eye and said,

                "You had guts to do what you did. 
                   You took the cards you were
                 dealt and turned them into aces.  He's beautiful!"

I tell you this- none of the decisions arrived at on this journey were easy nor lightheartedly made.  It could have gone differently- perhaps better, perhaps worse, but I stand by the way it went down and I own each moment.  In the end I learned to trust myself further.  I gathered my courage around me in time of need and I pulled up to the table with the hand I had.  Not enough cards to trump, but an Ace none the less...
and he is indeed beautiful.

November 01, 2011

Setting and Stage prep...

"For Posterity's Sake"I like saying that; it sounds fancy.  I like the meaning behind the phrase too-  it gives me free range in this blog space to type things up simply for the act of remembering them in the future.  I'm forgetful, so posterity helps.

This post and the following one will be written For Posterity's Sake.  If you are a fan of babies and births, stick around; otherwise, I'll see you next week.

I like being pregnant and everything that comes with it, but this time around I just about reached my max being patient with pregnancy related ailments.  A DOUBLE THUMBS DOWN to pregnancy related carpal tunnel.  It arrived when I was about 8  months pregnant and it has only just subsided now (almost a month after delivery).  

And you know what?  I couldn't even knit!  Oh, I was so irritated!

Baby A has been patient though and this week I finally finished his Ravelry inspired kicking bag.

 He looks quite charming in it...

Another "ailment" I developed this time around was testing positive for Group B Strep.  In and of itself, this isn't a big deal as far as how it's contracted or how it is generally treated, but there is a bit of a risk factor for the baby.  We began to weigh all the options of how to deal with it once labor began and in the meantime I took matters into my own hands. 

                                 (funny kind of setting for supplements isn't it?)

I cranked up my probiotics and began taking 500mg vitamin C/day as well as 500 mg garlic oil.  I also took  Sovereign Silver  
each day and Echinachea over a 2 week spread.  Now these last two supplements are controversial, but I had done my research and trusted what I had found through reading and word of mouth.  

The point of all those supplements was to prepare my immune system and the baby's to a) hopefully fight off Strep B without the use of antibiotics during labor  b) build up the flora in our systems so that if I DID have to use antibiotics, all my immunities would come back quickly after birth.

Over these 9 months I discovered Traumeel works awesome for any sort of ache and pain.  This was fabulous for my pregnancy (and afterwards too), but anyone can appreciate it's magic- check it out!  It's produced by the same company who makes Sterling's arthritis pills.

The day before I went in to labor, we moved into this century and bought an I Pod Shuffle to load and help get me through contractions.  We got it in the nick of time.  I also packed lavender and bergamot essential oils.  Those 2 scents always help to keep me calm and focused. 

Do you know about  Bach Floral Remedies?  I swear by them and used the basic Rescue Remedy as well as Larch (if you feel overwhelmed, like you are losing confidence...) and Mimulus (fear of needles, procedures) during labor.  Once you know my full birth story, you'll see why these came in so so so so handy!

 The birth story stage has now been set.  Stay Tuned.    

PS: we had a blast yesterday for Halloween, did you?  See Bear waving his scepter and saying "Be Still!".  Can you guess what book character he was?

 PPS: Happy Birthday Trot and Happy All Saints Day to all of you!

 PPSS: he was Max from "Where the Wild Things Are"

PPSSS: join in on the fun...

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