January 21, 2012

With each fistful

My computer was most certainly in the shop.  It's a bit better.  

A few other elements of my daily life have been under inspection and repair lately as well.  Like a puzzle, we are arranging Champ's weekend job, my new job (it's true!), our boys and the category of "everything else" into a scheme that works peacefully, smoothly for us.  The picture isn't in focus just yet.  

Life does continue on though, even in the midst of change (or especially because of it).  Babies continue to grow and mine has even discovered his fists.  He is delighted by his findings. 

Ace is coming out of his infancy cocoon and drinking in all this winter white world around him.  His amazement just adds to my own wonder of babies, their joy for all things.  Even fists...

most especially fists for this 3 month old.

I am a hypocrite.  I love change and transition when I am in control,  when I invite it in to serve a selfish purpose.  I grate against change when I must go along with things out of my control: I feel like poor 'ol Sterling trudging along at the end of a lead, ok with the walk but with her eyes focused on home.

Ace never sees it that way.  His body and mind are going through enormous changes- daily- and all the while he's clearly in awe of what is occurring.  I do not wish to be as overwhelmed with the world as he is, but I watch him wiggle and sway his little fists around

and remind myself that if nothing else, Life is a constant adjustment to newer destinations.  If my wee son can handle it with glee, then surely I can peer into the future with hopeful expectations, even as I stubbornly keep one foot in the present moment.

 Wish me luck.


Leslie said...

you have the best way with words.... Ace is so beautiful. i could see quite a lot of Bears face in his. i hope that all this transitioning works out ok. change is super hard for me.

Katelyn said...

Glad to see you back! I wondered where you'd been (I'd emailed you...lol.) Congrats and good luck on your new job! I love the cocoon phase, but I also loving the awakening :) Take care!

Jennifer Campbell said...

He is soooo precious!!! Love those eyes... brought me back to when Bryce was little!!!

Kate said...

So precious TJ. I know you will figure things out...you are exceedingly blessed. Thanks for the photos!

Jessica said...

Amazing photos! so beautiful that you caught those moments!! :)

smalltownme said...

Beautiful pictures! He looks so interested in discovering his world. Change is inevitable but what would life be without it?

koreen (aka: winn) said...

You *can* do it. It's hard, but what pulls us out of our comfort zone also helps us grow and become more of who we're meant to be. Embracing change is difficult because it's easy to fear or at least distrust what we don't know or expect, but it's also an awesome adventure. Welcome to it! :D

Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell said...

He is such a precious little guy! I'm not one for big changes either. I'm sure you'll adjust to everything though!

Jenilee said...

those pictures are precious! keep moving forward and enjoy every moment!

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